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Thank you for choosing Aikenhead Physical Therapy, LLC!

We are excited to meet you and begin your rehabilitation. 


We are ready to help you regain your strength, improve your balance, increase your athletic participation, regain or improve your flexibility, improve your walking, decrease your pain, assist you in returning to work or just provide you with the opportunity to improve your quality of life.


We are dedicated to providing individualized care based on the client diagnosis, individual needs, and according to the activities the client would like to return to participating.  Our goal is to have each patient return to regular activities as soon as appropriate.  For each client, therapy begins with a complete evaluation to determine patient problems and limitations and the appropriate course of treatment is determined by the physical therapist.  Each treatment plan is individualized and may include:

  • Hands-on care by a skilled professional

  • Monitored exercises on a variety of equipment to promote strength and flexibility

  • Therapist applied stretching to facilitate increased flexibility

  • Education regarding the diagnosed condition, results of the evaluation, and the plan of care 

  • Home exercise program with illustrated instruction

  • Balance training


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